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Tips for Finding a Reputable Cleaning Service

8 Tips To Find a Reputable Home Cleaning Service or Maid Service

You need to find a cleaning service, but your home is your castle, your safe zone, a sanctuary from the world. It’s where you keep your valuables and where your memories are built. So it’s no wonder that you want to take a little extra time and put forth some extra consideration to find the perfect home cleaning service or maid service. After all, in most cases, the people that come clean your home will most likely be complete strangers. At Teresa’s Cleaning Service we’ve been helping people make these decisions for over 30 years. In that time we’ve learned a few things that can help you find trustworthy, reliable and careful professionals to meet your maid service or other home cleaning service needs.

Is the Cleaning Service Licensed

In Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley, professional and reputable cleaning service companies are licensed by Clark County.  There are a variety of ways to check the business’ license status.  The easiest is to check the Clark County Business License Search.  Simply enter the cleaning company’s name (or any local business for that matter) and the site will tell you the licensing status of the business.

If you enter Teresa’s Cleaning Service in the search, you’ll see that our company is licensed as a Janitorial/Cleaning Service Company and has been since 2004, when we incorporated.

How Long Has the Cleaning Company or Maid Service Been in Business

When we hire our professional maids, one of the criteria we look for is how long they’ve been successfully doing their job.  We suggest you do the same.

A cleaning company that has a long history of success is likely to be very customer service focused, anxious to protect their local reputation.  They’ve also proven themselves over a number of years, through many different economic cycles.  It can probably be assumed that their employees are well vetted and that their customers find them as reliable and trustworthy.

Teresa’s Cleaning Service is a local company and has been serving the Las Vegas Valley since 1978.  Many of our customers have been with us for 5, 10, 20 and some even 30 or more years.

Is the Cleaning Service Insured

It’s a fact that, no matter how careful your cleaning company is, accidents will eventually happen.  Anybody who says differently doesn’t have the experience to know better.  In those rare and often emotional times, will your cleaning company have the necessary insurances in place?

Insurances for cleaning companies come in many shapes and sizes.  For example, if a person falls while cleaning your home and gets hurt, you may be liable.  A properly licensed cleaning service will have worker’s compensation insurance to ensure that the employee is taken care of, and that you’re not held liable.  If it’s not a properly licensed service, they may come back at you and you may be held liable.  If an employee of a maid service/cleaning service breaks something in your home, again, will the there be proper insurance in place to cover the loss.

As you interview your prospective cleaning company owners and managers, ask to see their insurance documents to ensure they have the right types of insurance (property, liability, workers’ compensation) and that the amounts of those insurances are adequate for your specific situation.

Are Cleaning Staff Independent Contractors or Employees

Many cleaning service companies use independent contractors to clean your home.  While this is an accepted practice, it’s our experience that the employer has less control over an independent contractor than they will have over an employee.  Additionally, we’ve also found that independent contractors are not normally professionally screened and vetted the way an employee is likely to be.  The reason for this is that the liability of an employer is greater when an employee is representing a company as compared to an independent contractor.  Finally, independent contractors are generally responsible for paying their own taxes.  If for some reason they don’t, in rare situations the homeowner may be held liable by the IRS for unpaid taxes.

All Teresa’s Cleaning service staff, the ones who will be in your home on a regular basis, are actual employees of our company.  In fact, many of them have been with us for 10 or more years.  This not only contributes to their level of expertise and efficiency when cleaning your home, it also shows that they are continually trustworthy and will represent the Teresa’s Cleaning Service brand professionally while servicing your property.

How Does the Company Train It’s Employees

While it may not appear so at first, technology has an impact on everything we do, everyday.  This includes cleaning your home.  From vacuums to polishes, from feather dusters to stainless steel cleaners, the technologies cleaning companies use are constantly evolving.  For example, how do you clean the new stainless appliances?  There’s a right way and a wrong way and doing it the wrong way can permanently damage your appliance.  As the furnishings and comforts of the day evolve, your cleaning service must evolve with them.  So, how does your cleaning service train their employees?  Do they have an official training program?

The cleaning staff at Teresa’s Cleaning Service are continually trained on tried and true methods, as well as the latest advances, related to how to clean your home’s unique and specific treasures. Our staff also receives training on MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and can provide this information to you upon request.


Home cleaning services are somewhat a unique styled business in that it’s imperative that the staff get to you to perform their duties.  A less often thought of interview question by people looking at hiring a home cleaning service is how the cleaning person or team will get to your home.  Are they providing their own transportation or does the company have reliable vehicles to get them there?

Over the years we’ve had experiences at Teresa’s Cleaning Service where our employees cars experienced problems as they traveled to and from customers homes.  This affected our reliability, which we found unacceptable.  So, a number of years ago, we started providing transportation for all of our cleaning professionals.  When you hire us, our team will be driven to your home, dropped off with all of their necessary supplies, and then picked up when their work is complete.  We’ve found this ensures our professionals are on time, reliable, and accountable.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the benefits of having a professional cleaning company service your home is that you can eliminate, or drastically reduce, the amount of cleaning chemicals you keep in your home.  This is especially beneficial if you have small children in the home.  A reputable cleaning company will provide everything they need to clean your entire home.  From mops and mop buckets to dust cloths, brooms and all cleaning supplies.  You should not have to provide anything.  Discuss with your prospective service any unusual or unique items you may need to have cleaned. Having this discussion up front can help ensure they are able to meet the level of service that you want and need.

Teresa’s Cleaning Service will provide all of the equipment and other supplies that our staff need to make your home sparkle.  When you contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss any unique situations that may exist in your home.  Doing so will help ensure that we exceed your expectations and earn your business for years to come.

Pet Policy

In today’s world, pets are more and more a part of our family.  Ask prospective cleaning companies what their pet policies are.  Find out what will you need to do with your pet while your home is being serviced.


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